Well.. I am new here but well experienced with vBulletin (Also phpBB). I have my holidays going on. And i seem to be damn jobless. So I thought of using my knowledge to Earn for a Living. Skipping all other statements, Directly to business-

Right now, I am offering 2 Paid Services-

1. Installation [Fresh install of vBulletin]
In case you want someone to install vBulletin for you, then I can do it for you.
I will make sure that your Forum works perfectly after Installation.
I can also install MODs, Styles, vBSEO etc for you at a minimal price.
Price Quotes-
Installation Price- $25
MOD/vBSEO Installation- $5/Mod (May Vary)
Style Installation- $10/Style

2. Upgrade [Any Version vB to newer version vB]
In case you want to upgrade your old version vBulletin to a newer version then I can upgrade it for you!
There will be no data loss. Minor issues might occur (Like the old Template wont work with latest vBulletin) Apart from that all will be taken care of.
Price Quotes-
The price differs according to your old forum's database size!
Small to Medium Size Database- $5
Large Database- $10

3. Conversion [Any Forum to vBulletin]
In case you want to convert your Forum from phpbb or SMF or any other forum to vBulletin then I can convert it for you!
I will make sure that your Forum works perfectly after conversion and has all Posts + Users imported from the old Forum.
There are some limitations like-
All the MODs you had installed in your OLD Forum CANNOT be Imported to VB.
Similarly there are few more limitations which differs according to different forums.
Price Quotes-
Again this differs according to your Database size!
Small to Medium Size Database- $10
Large Database- $15

Note- Ideally these are not difficult tasks, but if you are busy with your life and want someone to do it for you then I am here!
I can do the same for phpBB also. There are many more things that I can do for $$
Just feel free to PM me or email me- binaydas5293@gmail.com
Remember: The prices are negotiable.
For further details or questions, PM me or leave a post here. I will be checking regularly!
Have a good day!