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Thread: How to allow flash avatars on 4.1.1

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    How to allow flash avatars on 4.1.1

    how to allow people to use flas avatars like .swf in forum?

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    Im unaware of an easy way to do this.

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    You would need to have a way to store them, then mod postbit or postbit_legacy to have them appear in the forums. The mod would actually be rather simple for postbit and postbit_legacy, but you will have a pain of a time for the rest of the site. You would have to mod each place where the avatar shows individually, such as on the homepage, in search results, blogs, and so on. I would personally keep the standard avatar in all other places, and allow an optional Flash avatar in the forum (postbit) only.

    I don't think that the standard vBulletin hooks are enough for a product to do this, you would have to modify the postbit template itself, as well as a database mod and a place on the filesystem to store the Flash avatar.

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