Late last month VigLink announced the wide release of it's VigLink link insertion solution, powered by LinkWeaver technology. Here's how it works, and how you can activate it on your forum:

VigLink link insertion doesn't force advertising into content that is only tangentially related to what the webpage is referencing. Instead, each page of your website is analyzed to determine what its focus is, and the products and services that are referenced within it. When references to products, product categories, merchants, brands or services are found – and no link exists within those references – we seamlessly weave a link into the page to allow the reader to find more information about what is being referenced.

It’s a publisher-friendly link insertion solution that actually adds value to the reader.

If you are a current VigLink user, activation is an easy three-step process:
1. Login to your VigLink Account
2. Navigate to the features tab in the upper right hand corner of the page.
3. Turn Link Insertion from “OFF” to “ON” by clicking on the button next to “Link Insertion” (see screenshot below)

If you are new to VigLink, you’ll simply need to set-up an account before following the three steps above (free to do).

More detail can be found on the VigLink blog.