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Thread: How to improve wesite ranking

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    How to improve wesite ranking

    Hi, How to get ranking in Google search without buying links. I do free link submission, its been now 4 month, no result. please suggest me some technique to bring ranking??

    Thanks in Advance

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    Getting ranked on Google is not an easy task. It's all started with proper on-page optimization which has to do with making your site search engine friendly. Then, with off-page optimization which has to do with promotion. That's pretty much when link building comes into play. As far as link building is concerned there are various methods that can be used such as article marketing, web 2.0 submission, blog commenting, link baiting, forum posting, social bookmarking submission, press release and rss feed submission to create back-links which will increase your site visibility.

    One of the most powerful link building methods is link-baiting which has to with publishing well-written/well-researched content that will generate links in a natural way. The reason it is powerful is because those kind of links tend to hold lots of weights in the eyes of Google which in turn will convert into higher ranking. Ranking does not happen overnight, it's probably going to take you a while if you are optimizing your site in a way that complies with Google webmaster guidelines. But, with perseverance, patience and consistency success will be yours.

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    Post RE:

    Can you share which free submission you were using to get ranking?

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    HEllO all of you i am new here my name is nikita yadav

    the seo is the best way for get the ranking our website

    the seo off page main is

    1 bookmarking
    2 blog posting
    3 article posting
    4 fourm posting
    5 classified post
    6 smo

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    SEO is best to promote your site on google

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    target the SEO Off page work good ranking.

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