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Thread: ForumCon 2012: Join Us in San Francisco June 12th for Learning / Networking!

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    ForumCon 2012: Join Us in San Francisco June 12th for Learning / Networking!

    I went to my first ForumCon in early 2011 and was impressed by both the content and turnout -- since then its been a great way to stay connected with other forum owners, and Im looking forward to this years event in San Francisco.

    And Im happy to announce that vBulletin-FAQ will be joining the event as a media partner this year and have a presence at the show. What this means: Ill be attending, I may just have a couple free tickets to give away, and you may see the vBulletin-FAQ logo here and there

    This years 1-day event will be in San Francisco on June 12th. Below are the basics.

    Where and When:
    ForumCon SF will take place on June 12th at Hotel Kabuki in downtown San Francisco. The event will kick off at 9am and wrap up with free drinks / networking at a restaurant / bar nearby.

    More information on location as well as how to get tickets can be found here.

    What Well be Talking About
    • Kris Jones, author of SEO: Your visual blueprint for effective internet marketing will show you how to better leverage Google Search, Mobile, News, +, to generate more traffic to your forum.
    • Tyler Tanaka of PostRelease will share best practices for content curation & creation that will wow your community members and keep them coming back.
    • Steve Dodd of Boardreader will lead a panel of social media experts, and forum owners that have successfully leveraged social media, to discuss ways forum owners can successfully leverage Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites to drive traffic to their sites (rather than away from).
    • A panel of monetization experts (representing all types of forum monetization options -- images, banner ads, content, link insertion, data, video) will answer all your questions on how to EARN MORE from your forum.
    • And you may just see me on stage as well! Reason enough to come check it out?

    The Events Co-Founder, Why ForumCon?

    Jack Bafia (a friend) co-founded ForumCon in 2010 -- below he shares a few words on why he chose to get it going, and what he gets out of attending.

    I wanted to provide forum owners with a venue to congregate, network and get better at being an administrator for me, ForumCon is just that it allows me to meet new people, put faces to names, and learn new things.

    Jack Bafia
    Forum Owner
    Co-Founder, ForumCon
    Chief Monetization Officer, VigLink

    P.S. well be sharing updates on the event, as well as exclusive interviews with some of the key speakers in the thread below, as they become available.

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    ForumCon Co-Founder Oliver Roup: Why I Started ForumCon

    “A great deal of our customers are forum owners and in talking to them we realized that there was no great place for forum owners to meet... and discuss the industry, and we realized a lot of the leaders in the field had never met each other..."

    Oliver Roup
    Co-Founder, ForumCon
    Founder and CEO, VigLink

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    Great stuff here

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    Julia Barret from eBay: Why forums are great affiliate partners

    Julia Barret
    Senior Manager, Marketing
    eBay Partner Network

    As Julia says, "Let's use [as an example] [forums about motors]... [There might be] a team of people chatting away about one particular motor versus another motor, for that traffic to come back to eBay, and targeting that specific motor that they're talking about and... vouching for or promoting... it's great for us because we're obviously going to see a conversion come out of that..."

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    Chris Saad

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    Dan Gill

    3 Users Walk into a Bar (ForumCon Chicago)

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    Oliver Roup
    CEO & Founder, VigLink

    Jeremy Liew
    Managing Director, Lightspeed Venture Partners

    Financing & Exit Opportunities for Forum Companies (ForumCon Chicago)

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    JJ McCarthy

    Performance Marketing from an Advertiser's Perspective (ForumCon Chicago)

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    Affiliate Marketing for Forums
    ForumCon Chicago

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    Steve Dodd
    ForumCon TV

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