Generate Revenue with VigLink

Using Viglink is an easy way to generate revenue with your site

Viglink Automatically affiliates the links in your content so you get paid when your readers click or make a purchase. For example, one of your forum members posts a link to eBay, Amazon or more then 30,000 other companies, and you get paid when others click on those links and buy something!  VigLink does not change the user experience at all — it’s pretty much invisible to the average visitor.

VigLink produces income from links your members post that weren’t earning you income before. So regardless of whether you didn’t realize an affiliate program existed… or your site was rejected by the program administrator… or your affilliate status terminated due to Nexus Laws… or, you’re just too lazy to sign up and post links…  you can still earn a sizable chunk of every sale you help produce. Your members go on about things as they always have.

Who does Viglink work with? Over 30,000 companies from big-name merchants to smaller niche stores are covered. Companies such as eBay, Amazon, Target, Wal Mart, NewEgg and many more!

Viglink is also easy to install. You get a small bit of code that you place in your footer. That’s it. Your done!

I myself have used Viglink for many years. The revenue I have generated has been fantastic, rivaling and sometimes outperforming Google Adsense.

And there are ways to push the envelope and help generate even more revenue. For example. Valentines Day is coming. Make a post reminding your members that Valentine’s day is coming and they should order flowers for their wife or girlfriend. Then just place a link to or in the post. Done! You’ll earn a commission on anything ordered from that link.  Same thing for Christmas and many other holidays. For christmas I like to start around October and point out nice gifts for kids that are on sale. I’ll link to the product and bingo, im making money!

Here is a Video explaining:

Vigllink also has a second service available called LinkWeaver. This service takes keywords in your content and turns them into a link that can then be clicked and monetized. A way to make even more money! This is a higly configurable feature that allows you to do things like only show these links to guests and not members, if you wish.

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