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HostGator Web Hosting has a great reputation for server uptime (99.9%), support, and attention to their clients. There are not many companies where the direct owner will take time out to contact their clients, but that’s exactly what Brent Oxley, the president, does with his clients. It’s this personal service and care that resonates well with over 90,000+ satisfied clients.

  • No setup fees
  • 45 day money back
  • 24 hour Toll-free support
  • Storage Backups
  • 100 MySQL Databases
  • Free domain name for life
  • No Contracts
  • Free Site Builder
  • Forum, Blog, Scripts

Reviews of HostGator Web Hosting by vBulletin Forum Owners

Below you can read several vBulletin customers’ opinions of HostGator Web Hosting.

    • Im using hostgator for the past 2 years I think they are great. Never had a problem with them and Im using the the largest of the shared plan… Posted by: Greek76 on the forum
    • HostGator is great, they have fast support and have little to no downtime (down time is VERY un-noticable, if any at all.)… Posted by: SNN on the forum
    • I am great fan of hostgator, as I am going with them for all of my sites. They are good enough to host your site as per your requirements… Posted by: ophelia424 on the forum
    • I use hostgator and I havent had 1 sec of downtime since I started my site , also im not bragging but one of the fastest forums I have ever been on….Posted by: bxbigt on the forum
    • HostGator runs great with vBulletin, almost no downtime, and less than a second response… Posted by: Toonysnn on the forum
    • I am using HostGator for my website and I think the server is great, especially since, I have an arcade with over 100 games, a music and video page, radio and tv streaming, css custom profile styles, two different skins, interactive profiles, profile gallery pictures, and mp3 uploads to user profile, no problems with the host… Posted by: TCE Killa on the forum
    • I have four seperate hosting accounts with Host Gator… Best move I ever made!..  Posted by: Quarterbore on the forum
    • All I can say, too, is that hostgator is a wonderful service — their techs are amazing… Posted by: ericdgray on the forum

HostGator does not require a contract, and offers month-to-month billing cycle on all of their plans. They will also refund you 100% withing the first 45 days which says a lot about the confidence in their hosting. They wouldnt be in business long if people used this guarantee very often.

Controls Hostgator provides cPanel, control panel, with every hosting account. HostGator resellers get full access to Web Host Manager (WHM) with cPanel. For site design, they provide not one but two different website creation software programs – SiteBuilder & SiteStudio. Every hosting plan comes with full access to over 4,500 professional pre-made and customizable site design templates making this deal even sweeter. Throw in access to tons of scripts from forums, e-commerce sites, and blogs like WordPress to be automatically installed with just a click and you’ve got a great combination.

Support When deciding on a web host, the last thing you will think about is something going awry. But what if something goes terribly wrong at 3 AM? (trust me, it happens) It’s a BIG plus that you can get a hold of HostGator any time. Many hosts claim 24/7 support but HostGator puts their money where their mouth is, especially in the support category. Their office is staffed 24 hours a day with agents available through their Live Chat , e-mail support, and toll-free phone support.