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Barbie Dolls and Toys

It all started when Ruth Handler noticed her daughter Barbara playing with paper dolls and imagining them in grown-up roles. Realizing that dolls on the market at the time were all baby dolls, Ruth saw a need for a doll that would inspire little girls to think about what they wanted to be when they grew up.

Cool Toy World finds the newest kids toys and games on the market, you can compare prices and read reviews. We list toys by categories and by brands to make searching easier. You will find toys and games for all children and all age groups, such as: baby, toddler, boy, girl, and teen. We strive to select the best quality toys, games, and activities that have a lasting value and that add to a child's learning and social development.


Product Reviews:

Happy Birthday Barbie Doll with Lavender & Pink Dress and Tiara for the Birthday Girl
Refreshed for 2003, Barbie doll is the perfect birthday gift, with her shimmery party dress and shiny tiara. Barbie doll wears an absolutely gorgeous gown and makes a wonderful centerpiece for a Barbie-themed party. Her festive party dress has a fitted bodice that gives way to a confetti and beautiful skirt, topped by a tulle overskirt. Barbie comes with a doll-sized gift box and a shiny tiara for the birtday girl to wear.

Barbie - Dolls of the World - Legends of Ireland - Faerie Queen - Second in the Exclusive Limited Edition Collector Series
Legends of Ireland Collection - Faerie Queen Barbie. A land of myth and legend full of poetry and magic, ancient Ireland, is the ancestral home of the Faerie Queen. Legends of her beauty and mystery have been passed down by generation after generation of Celtic believers.

Happy Family: Baby Doctor Barbie Doll and Playset
Having apparently shunned more glamorous former careers (ballerina, movie star), Barbie is ready to settle in to practice as a pediatrician in this charming play set. Doctor Barbie wears a pink smock done up in a very cute stork pattern, along with matching pink pants and the obligatory white shoes. Her office is nicely outfitted. It includes an exam table with two cradles, bottles, tiny baby toys, medical charts, baby announcements, birth certificates, a stethoscope, and a tongue depressor. Two tiny babies, all wrapped up warm and toasty, are also included. We liked how thoroughly stocked Barbie's office was, making this set not just fun and comprehensive, but also educational.

Barbie - Wee 3 Friends Dolls - Stacie, Miranda & Alexa - Party! Party! Party!
Stacie, Barbie doll's eight-year-old sister and her fashion forward best friends go everywhere and do everything together. Whether it's dancing, hanging out, or playing dress-up -- this tight trio sticks together no matter what! And girls love them - when asked to name their favorite things girls always site "friends"... and the more the better - great fashions and of course, pets. And keeping right in step with real girls and their friends, best buds Stacie, Miranda and Alexa are sweet, stylish, fun-loving and always on the go. They also always keep each other's top secrets sacred -- after all, these cuties will be friends til the end! Each come with mix and match fashions, their very own adorable pet puppy, plus lots of fabulous accessories.

Barbie Collector: Barbie as Lucy
Timeless and eternally hilarious, "I Love Lucy" remains a benchmark of comedy. In the memorable "Sales Resistance" episode originally broadcast in 1953, Fred, Ethel and Ricky reminisce about a sales experience.

Barbie of Swan Lake: Barbie as Odette
Odette, Swan Lake's enchanting and enchanted princess, has never looked less like a water fowl. According to the story, Odette is spitefully turned into a swan, but here Odette is all-girl from her tiara-topped curls down through her ballet slippers.

Barbie Collector - Dolls of the World - Princess of Navajo Barbie
In the western United States a peaceful culture of Native American Indians thrives. Rooted in ancient traditions of respect for the land and nature as well as a powerful spiritual heritage, the tribal people known as the Navajo, endures. Barbie is dressed as a princess of the proud Navajo Nation wearing traditional dress and authentic jewelry. Many Navajos continue to wear traditional clothing daily and especially for ceremonial or social gatherings. The distinctive Navajo style of weaving and silver smithing is recognized worldwide. Barbie wears a woven shawl in ceremonial colors with symbolic and stylized patterns. Her necklace is a strand of turquoise colored beads with a squash blossom pendant. She also wears a concho belt with earrings and a sunburst broach. Her long printed skirt and dark open-necked shirt are consistent with everyday wear for most Navajo women even today.

Barbie as Batgirl with Motorcycle
Barbie looks gorgeous dressed as BatGirl and her funky motorcycle is exclusive to Toys R Us. This collectible doll has the complete batgirl look with beautiful long red hair. Dressed in a black body suit with blue glitter and yellow bat emblem on the chest, she also has a batarang accessory. She stands at approximately 11.5 inches tall.

Happy Family: Midge & Baby Dolls
Barbie’s best friend Midge and her husband Alan (sold separately) are expecting their second child--a little girl! Happy Family Midge has a magnetic, detachable belly (baby fits neatly inside)--which allows her to transform from very pregnant to unnervingly svelte in a matter of seconds.

My Scene - Masquerade Madness - Butterfly Punk Barbie Doll with Extra Outfit and DVD Movie
The My Scene girls are starring in their second movie, Masquerade Madness! The gang is helping plan a benefit fashion show the local animal shelter, and Chelsea is designing the costumes. The girls decide to throw a surprise party for Chelsea and since they already have their fabulous costumes, what would be better than a masquerade party? Each doll comes with a costume and a second fashion, a DVD of the movie, and lots of accessories to play out the costume party theme.

Barbie Lightweight Portable Sewing Machine
Pre-threaded & ready to use. Great for parents & kids to use for craft projects. Electronic speed control, free-arm sewing capability, drop-in bobbin system. Accessory kit included. Dual operation -- AC/DC adapter (included) or batteries (not included).

Power Wheels Barbie Jazzy Wrangler
A Barbie Version of the Super 6V Jeep for TRU. The look of the vehicle has been customized for TRU with a Barbie color pallet and sporty graphics.

Barbie Volkswagon Restage Ride-On
A restage of the Barbie Volkswagen. A 6-Volt Battery Powered Ride On styled and licensed after the popular Volkswagen New Beetle. This vehicle features realistic VW design in a bright new Barbie color pallate and a working door for easy entry. The vehicle goes 2.5 mph in forward and reverse.

Barbie "Sing With Me" Karaoke CD Player
This Barbie music maker combines the functionalities of both a CD-based boom box and karaoke machine, by simply adding an LCD screen for tracks, a microphone, and jacks for the mike and headphones. Those who purchase this machine should be looking for something fun, which is what they'll get, rather than high-quality sound. The speakers don't deliver rich stereo, and the mike isn't exactly professional. The two included CDs, however--one "for girls" and one "for boys"--feature a large number of hit pop songs, with both instrumental and lyrical versions. A mail-in certificate is included for the stereo headphones, and an AC adapter.

Barbie Dream House Playset
Everything you need to play at home with Barbie. Elevator really goes up and down! Ring the doorbell and come inside. You're always welcome at the Barbie Dream House. Two stories of fun in her beautiful home! Help Barbie put baby sister Krissy down for her nap in her very own crib!

Barbie "Wake With Me" Analog Clock Radio
It's totally Barbie, but even a big girl would want this clock radio. Modern, stylish, and completely functional, it looks great on a nightstand or study desk. A cool mauve-pink body holds an easy-read clock (hour, minute, second, and alarm hands) with a giant snooze button on top flanked by on, off, sleep, and alarm buttons. There's also a tunable FM radio, so your child can awake to the Top 40 instead of a buzzer if she likes. Coolest features: glowing clock hands, and a clock face that lights up, so girls can see the time, fiddle with the radio, or have the unit serve as a nightlight in the dark. Requires four AA batteries (not included).