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Zapf Creation Dolls and Accessories

Zapf Creation was founded in 1932 in Rodental, Germany, at the home of Max and Rosa Zapf. Rosa Zapf and the women in and around Rodental would make papier-mache dolls, and Max Zapf would then go out and peddle her wares. Since establishing the BABY born and CHOU CHOU brands, Zapf Creation has become a successful market leader and continues to hold to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Cool Toy World finds the newest kids toys and games on the market, you can compare prices and read reviews. We list toys by categories and by brands to make searching easier. You will find toys and games for all children and all age groups, such as: baby, toddler, boy, girl, and teen. We strive to select the best quality toys, games, and activities that have a lasting value and that add to a child's learning and social development.

Product Reviews:

Baby Annabell
Meet our Baby Annabell. She is a 18 inch sound and motion sensitive doll. Baby Annabell babbles, gurgles and giggles, just like a real baby. When drinking, she makes real sucking sounds with an amazingly realistic mouth movement. When you rub her tummy, she burps. Baby Annabell closes her eyes, yawns, breathes little baby snores when asleep.

BABY born Deluxe Diaper Bag set (11-piece)
The BABY born Diaper Bag Set is filled with all of the necessities for a "pretend mommy" to care for her baby It includes a plate, spoon, two diapers, rattle, changing mat, pretend lotion & powder dispensers all in a great carrying bag.

Rock A Bye Chou Chou Doll
Once you have held Rock-A-Bye CHOU CHOU, you will not want to set her down. This 19 inch motion sensitive play dolls feels and acts like a real baby. She can laugh, cry or babble just like a real baby. When given the bottle, she sucks on it. When you lie her down, she yawns. When rocked back and forth, her eyes gently close. She falls asleep, breathing evenly.

14" Be Happy CHOU CHOU Doll - She Giggles and Laughs!
Be Happy CHOU CHOU is a child's charming companion function doll. At 14 inches, this precious CHOU CHOU doll sports a pink cotton romper with a CHOU CHOU bear applique over a white cotton long sleeved shirt and a hat that matches the romper. With big brown eyes and a mischievous grin, Be Happy CHOU CHOU will make you smile. There is an internal micro-chip that allows Be Happy CHOU CHOU to laugh and giggle when you push on it's stomach. Batteries Included.

The New BABY Born Doll with Accessories
The New BABY born function doll has 8 working functions. She eats, she drinks, she cries real tears, squeals with delight, wets her diaper, soils her potty, has moveable joints and is now waterproof. Her accessories include: a diaper, a pacifier, the BABY born braclet, a bottle and cap, a spoon and dish and her food.

BABY born Bouncy Seat
The BABY born Bouncy Seat will keep your BABY born play doll entertained for hours. It includes handles for convienient carrying and has adjustable straps for safety and comfort. *This seat is only suitable for carrying dolls. Not to be used for a child.

CHOU CHOU Bouncy Seat
The CHOU CHOU Bouncy Seat will keep your CHOU CHOU play doll entertained for hours. It includes handles for convenient carrying and has adjustable straps for safety and comfort. Any one dolls in the CHOU CHOU family will comfortably fit in this Bouncy Seat.

Swimming Outfit for 17" BABY born doll: Bathing Suit, Flippers, Snorkle & Goggles
BABY born is ready to take to the pool in this darling Swimming Deluxe Set. This set comes in your very own bag complete with: a precious pink hat, bathing suit, flippers, snorkle and frog-themed goggles.

Maggie Raggies "The Frog Prince"
Maggie Raggie "The Frog Prince" function doll has a wire frame for posing and hanging out, granulate filling for squeezing , or Velcro pads on both hands for hugging and wearing. This doll brings fairy tale to life with amusing sounds and a frog which can turn into a prince.

Baby Annabell: Bouncy Seat
The Baby Annabell Bouncy Seat will keep your Baby Annabell play doll entertained for hours. It includes handles for convienient carrying and has adjustable straps for safety and comfort.

BABY born Cuddle Blanket
BABY Born cuddle blanket depicts a moon sleeping on a soft blue cloud surrounded by smiling stars. The BABY Born duck logo is nestled on the moon.

BABY Born Splish Splash Classic Set: Clothing for 17" BABY Born Doll: Slippers, Hooded Towel & Accessories
The Splish Splash Classic Set is perfect for your BABY born doll. This classic set comes complete with: pink towel with hood, precious ducky slippers, pretend bath soap, scrubby, and thermometer.

BABY born Comfort Seat with Handle
Baby Born can travel anywhere safely in this Baby Born carrier. The seat has integrated straps, is lightweight, and ideal for a child to hold. If the handle is folded down, it can also be used as a car seat. There is a duck rattle chain, which goes across the seat to keep Baby Born amused. The ducks are made of soft padding, and this accessory is detachable.

BABY born Deluxe Pink Romper Set
BABY born is pretty in pink while wearing this deluxe Striped Pink Romper set. This darling pink and white striped romper set is accessorized with a lovely pink cardigan sweater and a precious bunny.

BABY born Ballerina Deluxe Set
Your BABY born will be 'precious in pink' in this lovely Ballerina de luxe Set. This darling de luxe set comes complete with all of the dance essentials: a pink leotard, white tights, pink ballet shoes, headband, tutu and dance bag.

CHOU CHOU Changing Backpack
The CHOU CHOU Changing Backpack is filled with all of the necessities to make a baby happy. The set includes a diaper, changing mat, and pretend dispensers for smelling clean and fresh that come in a fashionable backpack with adjustable straps.

BABY born: Happy Birthday Deluxe Set: Clothing and Accessories for 17" BABY born Doll
An excellent doll birthday accessory for hours of imaginative play, the BABY born Happy Birthday Deluxe Set comes with an adorable birthday outfit with headband and socks, simulated candles and birthday cake. Made with intricate detail and high quality, this set is the perfect gift for that little mommy's special birthday.

Baby Annabell: Four Poster Canopy Crib
The Baby Annabell Four Poster Canopy Crib is the perfect place for Baby Annabell to rest her head. This canopy is not only lovely in appearance, but also interacts with the Baby Annabell doll. The music heard from the 'cloud' soothes Baby Annabell and allows her to sleep comfortably.

Baby Annabell Good Morning Deluxe Set: Clothing and Accessories for 18" Baby Annabell Doll
Wake up, Baby Annabell! The Good Morning Deluxe Set is perfect for Baby Annabell, complete with a pink terry cloth robe and booties, and a magic sippy cup that appears to have liquid in it. Baby Annabell will be happy to wake up to this set.

CHOU CHOU Sling Carrier for Baby Dolls
The CHOU CHOU Baby Carrier is the stylish way to take CHOU CHOU on the town. This adorable carrier, adorned with the CHOU CHOU teddy bear icon, will hold most CHOU CHOU dolls.